sponsor letter

dear prospective sponsor…


the i am project is dedicated to providing workforce development to aspiring teens, college students and young adults in concert performance, production and related arts. Over the past twenty-five years I have mentored approximately 250 student and emerging musicians, film, television and radio students to help prepare them for the workforce in their chosen career. Our goal is to introduce local talented youth, young professionals and new visitors to a variety of communities utilizing alternative performance spaces throughout Miami-Dade county.

each of us has a responsibility to create avenues of opportunity for the next generation to excel

we are currently mounting our first acoustic jazz performance as a co-sponsor with the KROMA Gallery in Coconut Grove’s Village West in October to help launch the art season and bolster greater participation in the Art of Black Miami. to help launch the art season and promote participation in the Art of Black Miami. We chose this location to shine another light on a community that continues to be a vital and integral part of Miami history. We have secured the talents of local University of Miami graduate, drummer Kyle Swan to perform and have secured filmmaker Dominique Seward, formerly of Urgent, Inc. to bring her crew to film and archive the performance. We are currently continuing to recruit other young people to fill other production positions.


we offer several levels of sponsorship participation and invite you to peruse the page where you may easily become one of our sponsors. As such, will receive unparalleled opportunities to connect and advance your company’s brand with local communities and the world via onsite branding and social media marketing platforms and visibility through internet video viewership.


i look forward to creating a mutually beneficial alliance with your organization.

sincerely,  Carl Anthony