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dear prospective sponsor…


the i am project is dedicated to providing workforce development to aspiring teens, college students and young adults. over the past thirty years i have mentored approximately 250~300 students who have emerged into a host of professions into the arts, film, education, science, technology, marketing. offering a different perspective to how they see life helped prepared them for the next chapter their chosen career and was a responsibility i gladly accepted. our goal is to introduce local talented youth, young professionals and new visitors to a variety of communities utilizing alternative platforms to disseminate information.

each of us has a responsibility to create avenues of possibility and opportunity for the next generation to excel.

we are currently in pre-production on a role model documentary that will spotlight local professionals who have over come adversity and personal challenges to create fulfilling and successful lives and careers. our first conversation, as will all, be between a student and an adult. they will delve into the similarities of growing up and the challenges they have faced and overcame to be at the point in their lives. we chose this location because it serves the community that we work and live in.


the gem in the project is that students from urgent, inc. film apprenticeship program will not only be holding the conversations but will b filming them also. they will be the initial beneficiaries of the knowledge that evolves out of these talks. their participation will shine another light on the overtown community that continues to be a vital and integral part of the miami story. in expanding our reach and look, one option we are considering for the future, is filmmaker dominique seward, formerly of urgent, inc. to bring her talents to film and archive the conversation. we will continue to recruit young people to fill other production positions.


we offer several levels of sponsor/partner participation and invite you to the donate button above where you may easily become one of our sponsors or partners. as such, you will receive unparalleled opportunities to connect and advance your company’s brand with the local community and the world via website branding and social media marketing platforms, coupled with visibility through video viewership.


i look forward to creating a mutually beneficial alliance with your organization.


carl anthony

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