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the i am project was designed to elevate awareness. initially, we exposed emerging and established jazz musicians to a new and more expansive community by creating alternative venues. our focus evolved into educational clinics, expanding into virtual conversations with a cross-section of industry professionals delivering a different dialogue. we engaged those assigned to bear the torch and who have forged an enduring imprint upon their community.

the voices of a new generation are louder than ever in this new century. it is one of social, racial and gender justice and equity that is no longer to be hidden from view. by giving a platform where their voices can be heard, we begin to hear a new narrative, global in scale, that recognizes their commonalities and concerns about the world they one day will inherit.


create avenues to engage, empower and enrich people, initiate the global conversation of human similarities, and generate awareness of the unlimited contributions of women and men to the art of living through digital and visual archiving.


to design platforms of alternative perspectives on historical ways of thinking that reveals possibilities, and empowers our youth to achieve a fulfilled life.


if you only give once a month, think of us next time

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