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dear advocate…

the journey of our founder’s love of music is one that has spanned six decades beginning with his introduction to jazz and broadway in his childhood home. unbeknownst to the young boy his destiny was fortified to a life in music and mentorship. 

since our inception five years ago, we have evolved from generating opportunities for emerging jazz artist performances in alternative spaces to designing platforms for alternative perspectives on historical ways of thinking. these platforms became the art of performance presentation, programs to learn about jazz, and building a jazz library.

during this pandemic chapter of quarantine and social distance, we engaged our audiences by collaborating with the hammonds house museum and developed conversations about jazz & other distractions, a digital conversations with industry professionals in front of and behind the mic. 


our current project, narratives: unlocking the role model, is documenting local professionals who are role models in their career and community. Through this film, students will be able to see successful professional women and men who look like them and hear their stories.

the team

if you only give once a month, think of us next time


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