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narratives | unwrapping the role model

in pre-production. a documentary between students and professionals in conversation.

conversations about jazz & other distractions

a digital program connecting jazz musicians and vocalists, industry professionals, educators, producers, and others in front of and behind the mic, to illuminate our untold story and to craft the new narrative.


art of performance presentation

this clinic is designed to help musicians and vocalists reach past the fourth wall and connect with the audience beyond their music and become the storytellers that live within them.


building a jazz collection

an essential introduction to collecting jazz that explores the roots of the music, its influence on jazz, its evolution through the decades to modern times. One will see the complete diversity as we scratch the tip of the iceberg and send you off to investigate and discover your own joys of the music.


talent engagement

specializing in the business of connecting the right talent with performance opportunities for select private or corporate settings. we craft all arrangements, from contracts to load out, to shape the quintessential experience so that our clients can concentrate on entertaining their guests and never about the music.

if you only give once a month, think of us next time

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